2015 Conference Information

“Recovery: A critical review of current issues and their consideration within the innovative Master's in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion"


The MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion, co-produced by experts by experience, agency professionals and academics in Italy, Poland, Portugal, USA and the UK, is the world’s first online Master programme that addresses how the concepts of Recovery are delivered, and can best be developed, within mental health agencies.  (Please see our website, www.raiseinrecovery.com/)

Students include experts by experience and agency professionals.



This online conference looked at not only the key current issues for developing recovery based services, but also how the MSc has been developed and reviewed as an online programme to make it fit best with student’s needs in their taking forward these issues from their own perspectives- in contributing to and reviewing Mental Health services, for example as students on the MSc, as experts by experience, and as agency staff.


It involved presentations from world leaders in their fields, agency partners, students, and experts by experience. There were also times for those joining us via the streamed link to have the opportunity to ask the speakers questions.


The MSc programme was  made possible by the support of the European Union’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) (ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/​index_en.htm)


Please click here to download the conference programme.

The video recordings from the conference

Welcome to the part of the website that gives you access to the videos and materials produced from the online conference organised by the partners in the project on the  development of the Masters in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion in Lisbon in February 2015.

This is just an introduction to the different videos for you to choose which ones you may wish to look at and in what order.


Session 1. Introduction to the Conference - Professor Brian Littlechild


Session 2. RAISE: The Background - Professor Shula Ramon

Prof. Shula Ramon sets out the reasons why we believed at such a Masters programme was necessary, and how we set about applying Recovery-based principles to its development, as well as in the key features/contents of the Masters.


Session 3. Why RAISE? - Professor Shula Ramon and Ian Pearce

Prof. Shula Ramon and Ian Pearce-one of our experts by experience as a carer participating in the development of the programme- take the issues from Session 2 and develop them further in terms of key features of areas that needed to be included in the Masters.


Session 4. Description and critical analysis on the use of e-learning in such programmes: benefits, areas to overcome, and possibilities - Dr Audrey Kempson, Andrew Pyper & Dr Anthony Herbland

Presented by Dr Audrey Kempson, Dr Anthony Herbland, and Andrew Pyper, sets out the key issues in the online elements of the programme that we took into account at  the beginning, and what have learnt along the way in order to develop further the experience and effectiveness of online learning on the Masters.


Session 5. Experiences and comments on the programme and its impact on learning - Karen Machin, (student)

Presented by Karen Machin, one of our students who has been part of the development of the Masters, on her experiences and views of the impact of, and learning on, the programme.


Session 6. This session is no longer available


Session 7. Key issues and developments in legislation and policy - Professor Miguel Xavier


Session 8. Key issues and developments in legislation and policy - Professor Piera Brustia, Luca Rolle & Eva Gerino

Both sessions above set out key current issues for legislation and social policy in the area of mental health recovery, from Prof Miguel Xavier from Portugal, and Prof Luca Rollέ and Eva Gerino from Italy respectively, arising from their work, including developing this module for the Masters.


Session 9. Key issues in the development of recovery in mental health agencies in Italy - Monica Savio & Caterina Corbascio

Delivered by Monica Savio on behalf of herself and Caterina Corbascio in Italy, covered current key issues in the development of mental health recovery in agencies in Italy, deriving in part from their work in the development of the original leadership module on the Masters.


Session 10. Key issues in the Developments of Recovery Globally - Larry Davidson, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

Prof Larry Davidson from Yale University in the USA, concerning global developments mental health recovery.


Session 11. Key issues in the development of recovery in mental health agencies, and the place of learning at MSc level for this - Ruth Allen

A presentation from Ruth Allen, from the South West London St George's mental health Trust, concerning the development of mental health recovery in agencies and the place of learning at Masters level to take this agenda forward.


Session 12. Developing Methods for Recovery Based Practice - Dr Jane Shears, Dr Audrey Kempson & Martin Oswin

The final session of the day, was presented by Dr Jane Shears, who has been part of the development of the Masters,  Dr Audrey Kempson, and Martin Oswin, a solution focused practitioner, examined how recovery principles can underpin and help develop practice methods.


Session 13. Student Experience - Ingrid Ozols

This presentation is by Ingrid Ozols, one of our expert by experience students on the programme, setting out the value that she perceives in the programme in general terms, but also in terms of the benefits that there can be for experts by experience in  taking this type of programme at Masters level. Ingrid also sets out some of the areas she would like to see developed further.